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Sha'ab Rumi:
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Lars Hemel
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The Umbria or Bahia Blanca was a ship made in 1911 in Hamburg, Germany. The Italians gave her the name Umbria in 1935 when they bought it for transporting ammunition. 1935 was the time that a big war was about to start and their cargo was no secret. The English navy caught up with them just before the coast of Sudan and when they boarded the ship, the captain and crew got the message to scuttle the ship. All people got off safely and what remains is a nice shipwreck located at wingate reef with ...

Sha'ab Rumi

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At this Reef Cousteau conducted his famous Conshelf II Underwater Living experiments. 5 of his men spent time underwater for more than a month. Now we can still see the remains of his 'village' and we can dive to the underwater Conshelf, which is covered in coral by now. We can see the remains of shark cages and other equipment Cousteau and his man used. Sha'ab Rumi Reef is at many points a very shallow Reef. On all its sites though, it drops to 600 meter, the perfect circumstanc...